Serious Coin

Our Terms

Thank-you for choosing Serious Coin as your advertising associates. Please note that we reserve the right to terminate any account should we feel that the Terms & Conditions are not being met. Termination of an account may result in the forfeiture of all accrued funds and a permanent blacklisting from our programs.
Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions or concerns.
  • You must be 18 or 21 years of age, depending on your local jurisdiction, to participate in the program.
  • Webmasters from all the countries are welcomed with no restrictions.
  • Upon sign-up, you will recieve an email detailing your user id and password you picked, along with detailed linking codes for all Serious Coin sites along with directions to our Affiliate's area to better help you promote Serious Coin sites.
  • When we use the terms raw and unique, we are referring to those individual IP addresses of the web surfers whom have clicked on a legally linked banner located on a participating webmasters' site(s). Sign-up or member refers to a web surfer whom has clicked on a legally linked banner and then successfully subscribed to one of our pay sites. Our automated computer tracking system determines and records all unique, and sign-up traffic.
  • Pay Period one is the 1st through the 15th of each month. Pay Period two is the 16th to the end of the month.
  • All payments will be made in US $ by check or wire.
  • When webmaster selects "Direct from billing" on signup form, he gets payment from CCbill by means of cheque. Cheques are mailed on certain dates, chosen by billing. Please note: you will only be sent a check if your account has accrued the minimum pay out of billing. Should this amount not be met it will remain in your account and carried over until that total is reached.
  • When webmaster selects any other payment option on signup form, he gets direct payment from Serious Coin including revenue from all billings (main and decline). Wires and Epassporte transfers are extracted three weeks after Pay Period, when we get payment from billing. Typical paydays are 7-9th and 19-22th days of month. If you haven't reached the minimum for pay outs -- your earnings move to the next pay period.
  • Serious Coin banners must be served from your server.
  • You may use the free content only for our sites promotion. Illegal use of free content will be prosecuted. However, you may change content in different ways (for instance resizing, making of your own promotional materials) excluding copyright removement.
  • Serious Coin have ZERO-TOLERANCE for SPAMMING, cheating and unethical Internet business practices. This includes any and all outlets such as UNSOLICITED BULK E-MAILS, IRC, news groups. Any site Operator found to be utilizing any of the above mentioned, or other unethical Internet business practices will be dropped from our programs. Any accounts owed will be forfeit and we may pursue legal action.
  • Serious Coin do not accept sites that endorse: child pornography, bestiality, rape. Any hits and/or sales sent from sites like these will be dropped WITHOUT PAY.
  • Self-referring webmasters accounts are forbidden.
  • You may not use our promotional content to create AVS (Adult Verification System) sites, without our approval.
  • You may not place banners or text links on ANY page that contains actual or simulated depiction of bestiality, child pornography or rape. Additionally, you may not place our banners or link from pages which contain advertisements for bestiality, child pornography or rape. We will not partner with webmasters who break the law! This policy exists to protect you, ourselves and all of our valued partners.
  • There will be no compensation for technical dysfunction should it result in downtime or other inconveniences. In the event of termination of this agreement advertisers will cease to use all content, banners, graphics and logos on their sites as all marketing tools are held under our copyright. Recurring revenues as a result of member reactivations will only be paid out to Partners while the Webmaster's account is active. In the event that a Webmasters account is closed for any of the reasons included in these Terms & Conditions the webmaster will cease to accumulate recurring revenues.
  • You may post as many Serious Coin banners on your site as you wish, if you would like to make your own sales tools, feel free to do it. You must only use the exact linking codes we provide to send clicks to Serious Coin websites.
  • We do not take any responsibility, or liability for any of the actions of our webmasters regarding ALL unlawful practices. We expect you our webmasters to maintain the highest ethical standards set by this agreement or terms and conditions.